The Introduction of Travel Destination in 2019 (II)

In Azores, you can see dolphins and sharks playing in the sea. The volcanic landscape is covered with green vegetation. In the hinterland, you can go hiking and walk in the countryside. Or stay on the coast to dive and swim. On these amazing islands, you will not feel the time goes by.

In fact, you are entirely likely to indulge in the infinite charm of the Azores. All the islands here worth of visiting.tin plate suppliers For example, Pico Island is listed as a World Heritage Site. There are amazing mountains, striking cliffs and black basalt-cast vineyards.

Columba palumbus azorica is one of the most widely distributed birds in the world. In addition to the very cold areas and the remote islands, their footprints can be seen everywhere. There are about 250 species in the world, all of which are pigeon-shaped, and about 170 species are pigeons. Some of them feed on the ground, while others rely partly or entirely on the food in the forest for a living. If it is strictly divided according to the size of its body type, the small size is called doves, and the big one is called pigeons. However, except for the artificially reared white pigeons, we call them pigeons regardless of their size. The pigeons are a symbol of peace. About two-thirds of the pigeons inhabit the tropics of Asia, Australia and the western Pacific islands. Other regions such as Africa, South America and the warm climate of Eurasia and North America can also see a variety of pigeons.

You can jump into the sea from the natural pool of Biscoitos and head to the Caribbean Sea in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. In the Atlantic Ocean, a four-hour flight from the United States will take you to the subtropical volcano, the Azores, where the UNESCO World Heritage and Biosphere are waiting to be explored. The mysterious green forest, the huge crater and natural hot springs that have now become lakes, the countless blue hydrangea, and the only coffee plantation in Europe, make this island chain look unique.


Aalborg is an ancient city of history. It is located in the heart of North Jutland, on the southern shore of the Limfjord. The city was first discovered and created by pirates. The 11th century was already a very prosperous commercial center. From the second half of the 16th century to the early 17th century, it was very prosperous. Time flies, Aalborg is now one of the most prosperous commercial cities in Denmark. It has a population of about 180,000 and is the fourth largest city in Denmark. Aalborg is located in Western Europe and Scandinavia

The traffic routes in the Navia region are important transportation hubs, and the sea, land and air traffic is relatively developed. There are road and rail bridges across the Lime Fjord, as well as airports, with direct flights to Copenhagen and Oslo. The channel of the Lim Valley is very deep and ships can enter the port directly. The convenience of transportation has greatly promoted the industrial development of Aalborg.