specifications of the steel strip

Spiral submerged arc welding pipe ( SSAW ) steel strip coil direction when the forming Angle with the middle line of the pipe forming (adjustable), forming and welding, the welding seam into spiral, steel tubing manufacturers benefit is that the same specifications of the steel strip can produce varied specs of the metal tube diameter, raw material vary is larger, the weld can avoid the principal stress, the stress condition is sweet, the disadvantage is that poor geometry measurement, weld length compared with straight seam length, easy to provide cracks, porosity, slag, weld defects equivalent to welding, welding stress is tensile stress state.

Black steel pipe is also in style for different water switch purposes, together with potable water, in addition to in gasoline strains. For instance, compression is smaller than the tube,Tin Plated Steel Sheet  its poor low magnification, a large diploma of aggregation of non-metallic inclusions, prone to overheating, the heating temperature and the temperature needs to be barely lower than the piercing with metal normal.

Common spiral welded pipe mill line continuous test methods are used to ensure the quality of welding seam,high quality low pressure fluid round galvanized steel pipe  which is another essential characteristic of the spiral welded pipe manufacturing distinguish Longitudinal manufacturing. Our service providing contains slicing, drilling, shot-blasting & primer portray, pickling & oiling, full profiling and testing to make sure your metal plate is delivered in the form you need it and meets all of your quality requirements.