How You Focus On Your Facebook AD(II)

Simple advertisements perform better

Multi-sellers add a lot of tricks to advertisements, such as video, broadcast advertisements, etc., but sometimes you will find that their viewing rate is not high. On the contrary, pictures of specific commodities, together with powerful advertising words (for example, today’s 5% discount sales), square steel tubing are more effective.

Facebook ads focus on testing

If you’re just starting to invest in Facebook advertising, you need to spend some time testing, creating different ads for different products, and finding the best products. After you find the product, you can also optimize the product copywriting, pictures and audiences.

Create Facebook Pixels Separately for Different Products

For example, you have two products, one is household tools and another is beauty products. Obviously, the audiences of these two products are totally different. Facebook Pixels allow you to set new conversion types, which will also enrich the reports you can see in Facebook Advertising Manager, and you can reposition users who have visited your site in the past 180 days.

Redirected advertising budget

The redirected advertisement is for those customers who click on your ad however do not have to buy. Because these customers are already familiar with your brand, so the conversion rate will be higher. On average, you can invest a quarter of your advertising budget in redirected advertising. Because many customers will see a certain advertisement many times, resulting in purchase. Customers can afford products that cost less than $50 because they may buy them the first time they see your product advertisement or the second time they see it. However for higher-priced products, such as $150, it may be necessary to reproduce advertisements many times to stimulate customers and give them enough time to think.