The significance and advantages of photovoltaic power generation

With people’s attention and attention to environmental issues, low-carbon, environmental protection, green, and energy-saving have become new requirements for work and life. In the past few years, there have been more and more houses, commercial and public buildings that have chosen to install such galvanized z channel power generation systems.

In the future, photovoltaic system power generation will occupy an important seat in the world’s energy consumption, not only to replace some of the conventional energy, but also to become the main body of the world’s energy supply. Renewable energy will account for more than 30% of the total energy structure, and solar photovoltaic power generation will account for more than 10% of the world’s total electricity supply.

In addition, renewable energy will account for more than 80% of the energy structure, and solar power will account for more than 60%. These figures are sufficient to show the development prospects of the solar photovoltaic industry and its important strategic position in the energy field.

And its relatively large feature is that it can be used as long as the sun shines well, not only in rural mountain villages, but also in urban, industrial plants, institutions, schools, hospitals, stations, residential buildings and other idle roofs. Solar panels, each building can be turned into a small power station.

Photovoltaic power generation has high reliability, long service life, no pollution to the environment, independent power generation and grid-connected operation. After the photovoltaic power generation system is installed on the roof of the building, the indoor temperature can be effectively reduced and the energy consumption of the air conditioner can be reduced.

Photovoltaic system power generation is a new type of technology that can convert light energy into electrical energy and facilitate people’s production and use. It mainly consists of three parts, including solar panels and other components. It is a kind of ingenious photovoltaic power generation device. In the new century, where resources and energy are very tight, it saves a lot of resources and has many advantages compared to other power generation methods.

1 no risk of exhaustion;

2 safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution, absolutely clean (no pollution);

3 Photovoltaic power generation is not limited by the geographical distribution of resources, and can take advantage of the advantages of building roofs; for example, areas without electricity, and complex terrain;

4 It can generate electricity on site without fuel consumption and erection of transmission lines, saving a lot of resources and costs;

5 high energy quality;

6 users are emotionally acceptable;

7 The construction period is short, and the time taken to obtain energy is short.

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