The Polarization of the Rich and the Poor of America has Increased

After the midterm elections were suspended, the US Democratic and Republican parties began to prepare for the presidential election. The return of veteran Bernie Sanders is quite different among the young Democrats, and the claims of “socialistism” proposed by his candidacy are more heterogeneous in the political and cultural context of the United States. The so-called socialism of Sanders and his supporters is far removed from the scientific socialism we know and practice, but it is closer to some of the long-standing “democratic socialism” in Western Europe and the Nordic countries. square steel tubing The high welfare that is based on high taxation and highly popular is the attraction of this kind of socialism, but this kind of socialism that looks beautiful and is relished by some western countries.

Americans are both familiar and unfamiliar with socialism. At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, Jews and their descendants who immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe were the first believers and communicators of socialist thought in American history, but these people were suppressed by the madness of McCarthyism in the 1950s. The influence of the tortuous development of the international communist movement has been “turned down” and become a “neo-conservative” cadre enemies of liberalism and international communism. Even in the political map, far less than the socialist strong liberalism, after experiencing the triumph of Roosevelt’s “New Deal” to Kennedy’s “New Frontier” and then Johnson’s “great society”, it began to be madly blocked by American conservatism. With the participation of conservatism, tin plate suppliers especially religious conservatism, American politics after the 1970s was not only rich in cultural conflicts, but also many issues were “moralized” and brought many researchers in the non-American political and cultural background. Observers seem to have no sense of disputes escalated to the height of the “principles” and tangled, seemingly cumbersome. Conservatism is a pure American capitalist defender who points to the federal government with increasing power after the New Deal, including the federal welfare system under the dominance of liberalism. In the eyes of conservatives, the federally-led welfare system is not only inefficient, unfair, but also damaging to civil society belonging to American identity and tradition. Conservatives see tax policy as the basis for supporting federal government power, so federal tax policies often become the target of various conservative forces. The core of realizing democratic socialism lies in strengthening the government’s taxation ability and realizing the relatively balanced distribution of social wealth through the government-led welfare system, which is simply a source of evil for the conservatives.

For a long time, American conservatism and liberalism have squeezed the space for the development of democratic socialism. Steel Pipe Suppliers However, in the 21st century, the people suddenly discovered that the United States has fallen into the polarization of the rich and the poor, the solidarity of the class, and the middle class have fallen into anxiety due to the lack of security. The superposition of the rich and the poor and other social problems has intensified. Therefore, democratic socialism is a kind of capitalist trend of thought and aims to maintain the capitalist system.