Photovoltaic stents

Photovoltaic stents have strict requirements on steel properties. Solar photovoltaic l profile steel size stent equipment steels should have the following properties:

1. tensile strength and yield point. The high yield point can reduce the section of the steel member, reduce the structural weight, save steel and reduce the overall project cost. High tensile strength can increase the overall safety reserve of the structure and improve the reliability of the structure.

2. plasticity, toughness and fatigue resistance. Better plasticity can cause large deformation of the structure before it is destroyed, so that people can find and take remedial measures in time. Better plasticity can also adjust the local peak stress. The solar panel installation itself often uses forced installation for angle adjustment, and plasticity can cause internal force redistribution of the structure, so that the stress of some original stress concentration parts of the structure or component tends to Uniform, improve the overall bearing capacity of the structure. The better toughness can make the structure absorb more energy when it is destroyed by the external impact load.

Especially for the desert power station and the roof power station with large wind power, the wind vibration effect is obvious, and the toughness of the steel can effectively reduce the dangerous degree. Better fatigue resistance also allows the structure to have a strong resistance to alternating wind loads.

3. processing performance. Good processing properties include cold workability, hot workability and weldability. The steel used in photovoltaic steel structures is not only easy to process into various forms of structures and components, but also requires that these structures and components do not have the adverse effects of excessive strength, plasticity, toughness and fatigue resistance due to processing.

4. the service life. Since the design life of solar photovoltaic systems is more than 20 years, good corrosion resistance is also an important indicator to measure the quality of the stent system. If the life of the stent is short, it will inevitably affect the stability of the entire structure, resulting in an extended investment recovery period and lowering the economic benefits of the entire project.

5. Under the above conditions, the steel for photovoltaic steel structure should also be easy to purchase and produce. Of course, the price concession is also very important.

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