Most powerful passports

Well, according to report, the Singaporean passport, which now ranks as the most powerful passport in the world, this should be proud of Singaporean. However, whose passport will be in for trouble? The answer is American’s likely to lose power and be denied easy access to more countries due to controversial foreign-policy decisions from President Trump administration.

Most powerful passports

The judgment comes from the Passport Index, a service firm of Montreal-based financial consultancy Arton Capital, which maintains a record of operations based on how many countries do not require a visa or issue a visa when they arrive at a passport holder in a particular country.

A Passport Index spokesperson said in an email. “Singapore’s No.1 position is a testament to its successful foreign policy and its desire to bring political and economic stability to the region.” Since Paraguay recently canceled visa requirements for Singaporeans, the Lion City ranked higher on the index than the former Germany. The city-state is now located on the fast lane of 159 countries, leading to 158 in Germany. Singapore is the first Asian country to be among the top in the index.

The spokesperson said “Higher placement in the Passport Index ranking shows the power and respect a given passport commands,” then added again “The more countries accept a country’s passport visa-free, the more powerful it is. Visa-free global mobility is considered a privilege, which is why more and more people are investing in a second passport.” “We foresee a drop in US passport ranking namely due to domestic and foreign policies adopted by the Trump administration,” the spokesperson said. “It is important to note that even if the US remains with the same visa-free score, its placement may be pushed down by other countries successfully signing bilateral visa-free agreements, thus moving up.”

Most powerful passports

The United States and Canada, Ireland and Malaysia have the sixth-level passport rights, accelerating visits to 154 countries. The least powerful passports among the 193 United Nations members and territories considered to belong to Afghanistan can only open visa-free borders with 22 countries.

However, in the 2017 Henley&Partners Visa Restriction Index, Germany is still ranked first totally in 218 countries, while Singapore is ranked fourth and shared the rank with the other eight countries. In this ranking, the United States ranked third with Spain, Italy, Denmark and Finland.

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