Diesel power generation cost

Diesel power generation cost analysis The life cycle cost of diesel power generation is: diesel power generation investment cost, mainly including the purchase cost and engineering cost of diesel generator sets and supporting facilities; the fuel cost in the life cycle; c profile steel suppliers,the operation and maintenance cost in the life cycle of the unit. Maintenance costs, engine oil and other consumables costs during the life cycle of the main organic group. Among the various expenses, the fuel cost accounts for a large proportion, which is determined by the total power generation, fuel consumption rate and average diesel price of the diesel unit during its life cycle.

Due to the continuous decline in the price of grid-connected photovoltaic systems and key components in recent years, and taking into account the subsidies, photovoltaic power generation costs have reached the economic level of grid power supply costs, which can form a more economical power system solution.

In the no-grid area, the diesel generator set and the photovoltaic system form a hybrid power supply system. Compared with the diesel unit alone, the maintenance cost is low, noise-free, and the power generation cost is also low. And pure off-grid photovoltaic, can save a lot of expensive batteries, the overall power generation cost will be lower.

With the decline in the price of photovoltaic power generation equipment: components, batteries, and inverters, the cost of photovoltaic systems has been declining year by year. Under the current situation that diesel prices tend to rise, the photovoltaic off-grid system has also begun to enter people’s field of vision. Practice has proved that in large projects, diesel generator sets and photovoltaic systems constitute a hybrid power supply system with better economics. The analysis of the economics of grid-connected photovoltaic power generation should analyze the costs, subsidies and benefits throughout the life cycle in detail, and not only the initial investment costs.

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