Best South American Travel Destinations.

I trust that a lot of people love to travel across the world, Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and even South Africa and so on. Different countries often are with distinctive and attracting landmarks, scenic spots and landscape such as Mountain, Plain, grassland, Beach and so on. By this time, let us share good things from South America trip. Perhaps, you have never been there before, but after my introduction about some countries in South America, expect you may like it and travel there for an opportunity. I provides an expert guide to the most fun-loving continent on Earth namely South America regions. Here we go, I list many countries below, you may understand and appreciate through my description and pictures I put.


We can say Brazil is the most seductive country in the world, exactly the beaches are very famous and well known across the world. With the great World Cup and Olympic Games, Brazil is back to doing what it does best. Many worthwhile things to attract travelers showing off dancing with pulsating music, spectacular wildlife and hitting the beaches for surfing, swimming and beach football and beach volleyball. Street food is the thing to eat in Rio, from tapioca–served with bananas or chicken–to grilled cheese kebabs and pasties filled with palm hearts.

Best South American Travel Destinations.


Actually Argentina is the eighth biggest country in the world but often easy to forget it by us, because of it is at the bottom of a continent largely off the UK news radar. If it is your first time to Argentina, it might be best to land in Buenos Aires first, arguably still South America’s most romantic city. What do you think about it? Its dreamy old cafes, an opera or ballet, lively steakhouses and some of tango experience absolutely attract your eye and tempt your coming and never back.

Best South American Travel Destinations.


It is also a famous football nation, every citizens there love football or may say addict it. Skinny and long terrain of Chile is the best self-drive destination. The Pan-American Highway (Route 5) runs from the Peruvian border to Puerto Montt in the south, linking up wonderful offbeat cities such as Iquique, La Serena and Valdivia with the capital, Santiago, and its more arty, attractive sister city, Valparaíso. Meanwhile, stargazing or the lake district for greating walking and roaming and Atacama for the desert. A second major highway, Route 7, from Puerto Montt to Villa O’Higgins, opens up the Aisén region, the cold, green General Carrera lake and the Río Baker, where fly-fishers can fill their boots.

Best South American Travel Destinations.


Stable politics, a direct flight from Heathrow, safe major cities–including capital Bogotá and former cartel hubs Cali and Medellin. Cali is hot and sweaty, as befits the undisputed “capital of salsa”; it’s also a place to see, and hear, Afro-Colombian culture. Sober Medellin is impressive for its modern architecture and so on. The verdant, hilly “Coffee Triangle”–formed by the cities of Armenia, Manizales and Pereira–is easy on the eye, great for tasting the bean and seeing how it is cultivated. Paso Fino horses dance around the cobbled streets of quaint Jardín, and accommodation is in old coffee haciendas, with swoon-inducing views of the greenest green.

Best South American Travel Destinations.


The quirkiest capital city, the most fantastic landscapes, the most complete indigenous cultures and the most clean air. If you visit to Bolivia, you will need your lungs. La Paz is still a wild place full of clamorous markets and in a spectacular setting in a bowl at 11,942ft above sea level, at the foot of the mighty Illimani mountain. But cool hotels, such as the Atix and Casa Grande in Zona Sur and the new Altu Qala in the historic centre, as well as pleasant cafés such as the Writer’s Coffee is in the gorgeous old Gisbert bookshop, daring restaurants for recommending as vegan Ali Pacha is outstanding and, more subtly, a sense of self-esteem after 19 years of government by Evo Morales, the indigenous Aymara president, make the city intriguing.


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